Mickey Saves the Day

Mickey Saves the Day 1.0

Play as Mickey or Minnie Mouse and explore more than 25 locations
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Play as Mickey or Minnie Mouse while exploring more than 25 locations in Mickey's hometown. Complete a wide variety of tasks, from preparing a sandwich to helping Von Drake complete his flying machine. Disney's Mickey Saves the Day features adjustable skill levels and teaches players the benefits of cooperation and teamwork.

If your system does not meet any one of the following minimum system requirements, Disney's Mickey Saves The Day will not run properly.

Minimum System Configuration:
* Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/XP*/Vista*
* Pentium™ class processor, 200MHz
* 32 MB RAM
* 100 MB free hard disk space
* 8X speed CD-ROM drive
* 16-bit DirectX-compatible sound card
* 16-bit color DirectX-compatible 2MB video card

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